The Corkboard WordPress Theme was an idea that I had and could never find well done anywhere on the internet. It seemed simple enough, but attempts at having a similar look or feel just weren’t out there in the world wide web.

Corkboard Theme Screenshot

What I wanted was a paper’ed look, and after working for awhile trying to “render” pages of paper in Gimp, a design centered acquaintance of mine suggested I just take a picture of what I wanted. Brilliant! Actually, I scanned sheets of paper of different styles: crumpled, torn, and in mint condition.

What I ended up with to create my appearances, was a top, body, and an edited top copy that I flipped for the bottom.

Paper Top
Paper Body
Paper Bottom

With the three pieces of paper, I was able to use the :before and :after pseudonyms in combinations to set these images as backgrounds for their containers. The tape was another addition through a neighboring element.

Discovering the border-image property, I used this for the “wooden frame” around the cork board. Unfortunately this doesn’t work in Internet Explorer so I was reduced to picking a solid color to fall back on.

The fonts were another great discovery, as I did not know of Google’s Font API. I selected three fonts, which would probably be over kill in a high traffic site, but for this theme, it’s all about experimenting. The post-it note menu was another experiment with layering two background images in the same element: the post-it note, and the push-pin.


Sticky Note

I would like to make this theme freely available, or maybe offer it as a premium theme somewhere, but it definitely needs some polishing. Until then, as-is may be offered at request.

The theme was designed for this website: but I hope others may enjoy it too or find it as a good springboard for similar ideas.