Using the brand new Internet Explorer 8 (because that is the only version I have on this machine), I immediately noticed the pretty dotted black borders appearing over elements that were being “clicked on”. The real term is focus, but that’s too proper. Anyway, it is exciting that Internet Explorer is supporting :focus for CSS, but I find the outline it creates obtrusive by default. The way to get rid of this is to add the following to your css: div:focus { outline: none; } Just thought that was interesting that other elements besides images were being given a default outline value. Maybe they thought it would be a good idea. with the increase in multifunction interfaces. to make it[…]

Awhile ago, I had a problem with inDesign CS2. After installing, when I launched the application, I was given a message “Missing Required System Fonts or Cmap Files” – or something to that effect. After zero help from Adobe’s solution, or the support forums – which already had a thread on the subject – it quickly became obvious that I had to find the files I was missing. With some help over iRC, I was sent a copy of the files, pasted them in the correct location, and everything worked fine. Going back to the Adobe Forums, I posted my method for solving the problem, and my email for anyone who wanted them. My inbox was soon flooded.